Our Culture, Clyde Harris - President


Harris familyHHG is a young company, with vast amounts of hands on management expertise, that has delivered tremendous results to it's own corporate portfolio. We all know that ramping up a hotel is a difficult task in good times, no less in our current economic state. HHG has dramatically demonstrated that they can attain 100%+ RevPar penetration time after time. This is not a 12 month work in progress period, but rather a very short 90 days. You might ask, how is this possible and the answer is simple. We hire the right people, give them all the tools they need, monitor and manage the process on a daily basis and celebrate their success.


Celebrating success is our mantra. Success in delivering outstanding guest satisfaction, with a laser like effort on delivering a high cost/value relationship to our customers; success in building an environment where our partners (employees) are given the opportunity to flourish and grow, while understanding the importance of delivering superior guest satisfaction. Success in delivering outstanding financial results to our share holders and partners and never loosing sight of our mission to manage great hotels with great partners.


The successful HHG formula is very simplistic; Great guest satisfaction + satisfied and motivated employees + great corporate oversight = strong financial returns. It's that simple.


~ Clyde Harris


Harris family