The Harris Hotel GroupHarris Hotel Group (HHG) is a vertically integrated hotel management and Consulting Services Company that provides a broad spectrum of services to hotel owners and developers. As owners we understand that the success of your venture is vital and a consistent return on your investment is paramount.

HHG is a dynamic and innovative new company with an impressive team of experienced hotel professionals. Our executive management group brings over 100 years of broad industry experience from concept development and construction to operational management and sales production. As a market driven top line focused organization we have successfully managed our portfolios through both up and down economic cycles. As a result of our extensive experience and success in the Extended Stay and Select Service Hotel markets, we have earned an excellent reputation with major franchisors and work tirelessly to maintain our good standing in their organizations. We effectively balance the needs and expectations of our owners, guests and employees to produce winning results, excellent service and a strong corporate culture.


Partnering with Harris Hotel Group is simple. Utilizing a tiered service model we tailor your management contract to your unique specifications. Our fee structure is competitive and clearly defined at each level of service and reflects our commitment to maximizing the return on your investment. Whether you are a first time owner, or a seasoned Hotelier, we have a service plan that will optimize your business model. For new owners, we will assist you from day one with Market Studies, Site Selection and Construction Management services. For experienced developers, the utilization of our extensive industry knowledge and operational expertise will ensure that you generate optimal returns on your hotel asset.


HHG is committed to providing services that meet your needs, and results that exceed your expectations. We encourage you to review our wide range of available service plans and will provide you an industry expert to assist you in designing the most effective and cost-efficient plan for your enterprise. We look forward to a creating a successful and profitable partnership with your organization.

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Share holders love Harris Hotel Group because we simply produce exceptional results. Like our guests, our share holders are interested in receiving good value for the capital that they have invested. Our senior leadership is dedicated to delivering an exceptional value package to our investors. Harris Hotel Group brings decades of experience, across a broad spectrum of disciplines, to focus our efforts on obtaining exceptional results for our investors.